BLOOD PURIFIER was born around the 60s in Peru, when an employee at my father's laboratory asked him to resign, because he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which multiplies cells without control. My father, totally distraught, helped him as best he could and said goodbye to him. But after approximately a year, this same employee returned to visit my father, and after recovering from the shock of seeing his former employee, he asked him how he managed to be fully recovered.

His employee told him the following story; Doctor, after receiving the money that you gave me, I traveled to Cuzco and from there I went to a small town that had been recommended to me to treat my illness. The healers of that little town prepared me a mixture of plants that they cooked in hot water and I had to drink that water throughout the day. I spent almost a year with them and now that I returned to Lima, I went directly to the Hospital where they examined me and my current diagnosis is that I do not have any signs of the disease.

After that conversation, my father decided to travel with his former employee to the small town where he was being treated for his illness. From the first trip my father was amazed and very interested in these treatments, which is why he decided to continue traveling for years to continue researching.

It was not easy for my father to travel often to those small towns at that time, because he worked in his laboratory, in his pharmacy and also had a large family. But with a lot of effort, patience and the help of my mother, he managed to gain the trust of the healers of that little town and other nearby towns, who taught him, little by little, all their knowledge.

After years of research, he managed to discover that not only the plants they used in their treatments were important, but the type of fertilizer they used, the perfect moment of harvesting the plants and what parts of the plants were also very important. the most important. All this is part of the secret of the effective and rapid therapeutic response of BLOOD PURIFIER.

Currently BLOOD PURIFIER is a product made with pure concentrated and standardized botanical extracts, under strict control throughout its production process. These strict controls begin at the time of sowing, with the appropriate type of fertilizer for each plant, the exact moment of harvesting and finally in the process of preparing the extracts.

Another secret that my father discovered was that these healers never gave ground plants to their patients, they always administered the artisanal extracts that they made with those plants. They taught my father that the body absorbs 98% of the active ingredients of liquid botanical extracts in a few minutes. Unlike ground plants, the body takes more than 30 minutes to break them down and the absorption of their active ingredients does not exceed 10%. This makes a liquid botanical extract have a more effective, faster and truer therapeutic response than a capsule or tablet with ground plants.

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